August 18, 2022
Noisy AC in Champaign, IL

There are many reasons why the AC might be making a sound. It could be the vents need to be cleaned, the fan might not be working properly, or it could just be a minor ground disturbance in the wire. By investigating which possibilities are plausible and bringing up your issue with a professional, you can figure out what’s wrong and get it fixed. The following are some of the reasons your AC may be squeaking.

Blades Are Rubbing Against Each Other

If your air conditioner’s fan is making a squeaking sound, it could be because its blades are touching each other. This can happen if your air conditioner hasn’t been lubricated recently. An AC technician will know how to fix this minor problem with ease.

The Fins Are Damaged

If your air conditioner has damaged fins, it will come to a screeching halt. This problem can also be fixed by an AC technician. To start things off, the technician must remove the grille and clean the fin blades. At this stage, they will use special lubricants to prevent damage in the future.

The Fan Belt Is Worn-Out or Misaligned

If the fan belt is worn-out or misaligned, the fan will make an awful screeching sound. A qualified AC technician will be able to fix it and make sure that your machine is running smoothly once again.

Bearings Are Too Tight

If your air conditioner’s rollers or bearings are too tight, they will resist moving in a smooth motion. This can cause your AC to squeal as it struggles to move through its rotations. Be sure to call a professional technician to fix your air conditioner before it breaks down.

Bearings Are Too Loose

Just like tight bearings can make your AC squeal, so can lose bearings. Loose rollers or bearings will cause your AC’s motor to work extra hard, leading to increased wear and tear on the motor. Loose rollers will also cause your air conditioner to vibrate excessively, which is generally unsuitable for its internal components.

The Ducts Are Leaking, and the Purge Blanket Is Dirty

This is one of the most common reasons for this noise. If a good cleaning isn’t enough, you can replace your vents, dryer venting, and ductwork to resolve the issue.

The AC Filters Are Not Installed Properly

Poorly installed AC filters might be to blame for squeaky air conditioners. This is a common issue where the filter isn’t sitting correctly over the blower for your AC unit. If you make sure that the filter is seated correctly, it’ll go a long way toward eliminating this problem.

The Blowers Are Slowing Down and Wearing Down

Commonly referred to as bearing death, this problem occurs when the blower only runs about 50% of its rated speed, which could cause the noise you hear. Fortunately, replacement bearings and new grease are quite affordable.

Malfunctioning Electrical Breakers

Air conditioning and electrical systems aren’t a good match, so if you hear a squeak, check the circuit breakers in your home. It may be that a broken wire or loose screw is keeping the circuit from shutting off.

Not Enough Air Flow Can Cause an AC Squeak

The air conditioner’s motor will run at its fastest when the compressor is working. This means that you must have enough airflow to keep the fan turning. If the compressor isn’t rotating, it will defeat this system’s primary purpose.

The Fuse and Breaker Are Not Tightened Properly

If you hear a loud squeak from your AC unit, check the breaker system first to make sure it’s not broken. If you find everything else is okay, then the fuse and breaker are likely bad.

Bad Filters Are Destroying Your AC System

Another common issue is when the dust and dirt filters aren’t working properly. This can be caused by a dirty blower, too small filters, or some other reason. Replacing the filters is a simple fix for this issue.

Hearing Noises From Your AC?

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