February 4, 2021
family indoor air quality

You already know how outdoor air quality affects your health, from allergies to other more serious concerns, such as asthma. Concerns about the effects of poor air quality may subside once you go inside your home since you’ll feel safer from bacteria, dust, viruses, and other airborne particles. Unfortunately, issues with poor air quality exist inside many Champagne homes. Airborne particles enter through open doors and windows, heating and cooling systems, poorly insulated attics, gaps around door and window frames, and many other places. You may be aware of common particles inside your house, such as dust and pet dander, but there is one more type of airborne particle that requires special attention: mold spores.

Types of Household Mold

Many Champagne homeowners are surprised when the experts at Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. describe the many factors that cause poor indoor air quality. One of the most in-depth discussions involves the many types of mold colonies that can develop in a typical house. You may be familiar with molds that develop in areas with standing water, such as in bathtubs, under sinks, and in the garage. This is typically black mold, which is considered among the most dangerous of household molds. Other types of mold can also grow on fabrics, rugs, paint, and many other surfaces. Some of the mold looks like dust, so many homeowners ignore the signs of a problem.

Health Effects of Indoor Mold Spores

Mold spores cause a range of health issues, and some people are more sensitive than others. In mild cases, an individual may experience sneezing, eye irritation, congestion, and other signs of allergies. In more severe cases, people can develop breathing problems, pneumonia, and respiratory infections. Older people, children, and those with certain chronic medical conditions are more susceptible to complications from household mold spores. Children with early exposure to mold spores in their homes are more likely to develop asthma over their lifetimes as well.

How to Monitor for Mold Inside Your Home

You can purchase mold testing kits for your house. These kits are effective at identifying visible mold on walls, bathtubs, ceilings, fabrics, and other surfaces. Samples of mold from your home are sent to a lab for testing, and this can take several days or weeks. For Champagne homeowners, this can feel like a lifetime as they await results and worry about the health and well-being of their families. The quickest way to detect mold in your house is to call the experts at Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. Our technicians will perform inspections for mold colonies and recommend ways to control mold spores in the future.

Mold Colonies and Indoor Air Quality

If you have mold colonies on surfaces in your residence, should you worry about indoor air quality? Yes, absolutely. First, mold colonies start from spores that float through the air. Second, as colonies grow, individual spores are released into the air to find new places to grow and thrive. Controlling indoor air quality minimizes the number of spores that come into your house and traps airborne spores before they land on surfaces and colonize.

Protect Your Family From Mold and Other Airborne Particles

One of the most affordable ways to protect your family from airborne mold spores is to upgrade your HVAC filters. Your heating and cooling system circulates air in your house, and filters trap particles before the air is distributed through the ducts and vents. Not all HVAC filters are the same, though. Each type of filter is rated according to the particle size that is captured within the filter when air passes through it. Look for filters that are designed to trap the smallest particles, such as mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. also offers systems that fit inside your HVAC system to destroy airborne particles, including odors, pet dander, dust, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and more. We can help you find a solution that protects your family and fits your budget.

Standalone Air Purifiers and Household Mold

Some high-quality air purifiers can help to some degree with mold in your Champagne home, but the appliances have limitations. Standalone air purifiers only treat a specific square footage, so the air purification benefits are limited to the room in which it operates. The other parts of your house are vulnerable to mold and other airborne particles. A whole-home system is the best option to maximize indoor air quality.

Learn More About Mold and Indoor Air Quality

Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. specializes in indoor air quality, heating, and cooling services for houses in Champagne and the surrounding areas. If you would like to learn more about ways to monitor for mold in your home, call us today for more information.

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