July 29, 2022
AC repair in Champaign, IL

The summer months can be scorching in the Champaign, IL, area and when the weather outside gets hot, it can be easy to let your energy costs get out of hand. The more you rely on your household air conditioner to stay comfortable, the higher your electricity bills will rise. The good news is that you don’t need to be sweaty and uncomfortable in your home to keep your finances under control. By taking a few proactive measures, you can ensure that your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible while still keeping you and your family cool.

1. Schedule Professional Maintenance

If you want your air conditioner to operate at peak performance and efficiency throughout the summer, scheduling a professional tune-up would be an excellent decision. If you enlist our team at Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to handle the service, one of our skilled technicians will give your AC unit a comprehensive inspection and cleaning. They’ll check the condition of each component and make any needed adjustments to the equipment. Not only will this service allow the appliance to run smoothly and efficiently, but it will also uncover any underlying or impending mechanical issues. Then, your hired professional can take preventative measures to nip the problems in the bud before they become more serious.

2. Switch Out the Air Filter

If you run your air conditioner for multiple months without replacing the air filter, it will eventually become clogged. That will restrict the appliance’s airflow, forcing it to work harder and worsening its efficiency. The beginning of summer is a perfect time to switch your current AC filter out for a new one. You should consistently keep an eye on it throughout the season, replacing it with a new one whenever it gets dirty.

3. Have Your Ductwork Cleaned

When the air ducts around your household are packed with dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminants, it can become difficult for your air conditioner to do its job. For the system to push a sufficient amount of cool air through, it has to increase its air pressure and burn through more energy. This can also affect your comfort and indoor air quality. If you schedule a professional duct cleaning, you can ensure that those airways are clean and open throughout the summer. Doing so will bring a variety of benefits to your home, including a major boost to the energy efficiency of your cooling system.

4. Clean Out Your Air Vents

Your ducts aren’t the only place where contaminants can build up and start causing problems. If your air vents become overly dirty, it will make it much harder for your air conditioner to consistently circulate cool air. Clogged vents can reduce efficiency, increase the odds of a malfunction or breakdown, and cause hot and cold spots around the house. So, if you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your AC unit, cleaning out your vents at the start of the summer is an effective measure. Each vent will have a cover panel that you’ll need to remove with a screwdriver. Then, use a vacuum cleaner with a hose extension to suck the dust, dirt, and random debris out of the vent’s interior. Ideally, you should make this a regular part of your routine throughout the entire summer.

5. Locate and Seal Leaks

In many cases, houses will harbor numerous air leaks without the homeowner even realizing it. Even if they’re very small, air leaks can let large amounts of conditioned air escape, which forces the air conditioner to work harder to compensate for the loss. The more of these openings there are around your home, the more energy you’ll be wasting, and the more strain your cooling system will endure. Spring or early summer is an ideal time to inspect your home for air leaks, with the most common problem areas being around the edges of doors and windows. Look at these areas closely and feel around for any moving air, and if you find any gaps or cracks, use caulk and weather stripping to carefully seal them.

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