November 17, 2021
Furnace Leak in Champaign, IL

Noticing water leaking around your furnace is likely to leave you alarmed as you struggle to understand what the issue could be. Leaks can result in your furnace getting damaged and lead to mold growth in the area surrounding your system. However, you do not have to worry as our highly trained technicians at Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. are always ready to serve you and restore your system to its previous functions. There are various reasons that could result in your heating system leaking.

A Condensation Leak

If you have a high-efficiency condensing furnace, a condensate leak is most likely the cause of the pool of water near your furnace. A high-efficiency furnace comprises two heat exchangers that are involved in a process where combustion gases cool and turn into condensate. These furnaces typically have white PVC vent pipes, allowing you to identify whether your furnace is high-efficiency or conventional.

A blocked condensate drain could result in a leak from your furnace. For homes that do not have floor drains, a condensate pump is used to pump the condensate from your home to the drainage. If the pump has an issue, it could also result in a leak. Any issues with your condensation line could also be the source of the leak.

Wrongly Sized Flue Pipe

For conventional or standard-efficiency furnaces, the exhaust pipes are made of metal. Standard efficiency furnaces do not produce condensate. Therefore, if you notice a pool of water around it, it could be caused by a wrongly sized flue pipe. Having our technicians inspect your system allows them to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and recommend the perfect fix for the issue.

A Malfunctioned Secondary Heat Exchanger

A high-efficiency furnace comes with both a primary and secondary heat exchanger while standard-efficiency furnaces have one heat exchanger. A primary heat exchanger has the hottest flue gas that exits into the secondary heat exchanger. At the secondary heat exchanger, the flue gas will release more heat, leading to the formation of water vapor. The transition from water to liquid results in the release of latent heat.

A damaged secondary heat exchanger can result in a leak from your furnace, which could lead to you having to replace your system. You can rely on our technicians to provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis and inform you of the next course of action.

A Leaky Humidifier

If you have a whole-home humidifier, the unit will often be located inside your furnace system. If the humidifier becomes damaged, it can cause other issues inside your system. A damaged humidifier can damage the walls or floors and can even result in the growth of mold, which is hazardous to your health.

Scheduling routine tune-ups can help you avoid such an issue as our technicians can detect the leak in the humidifier before it becomes catastrophic. If the damage is already done, you can rely on our HVAC technicians to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

A Clogged Furnace Filter

Regularly changing your furnace filter is of paramount importance in ensuring your furnace is functioning correctly. If you own a central air conditioner, the AC’s coil is usually installed above the furnace. The coil’s function is to suck the heat from the air in your home, allowing for air-conditioned or cool air to blow throughout your house.

A clogged filter will limit the amount of airflow to the coil, resulting in the coil freezing. This will pool water and cause it to leak inside your furnace, which can result in severe damage to your system. Therefore, you should ensure you frequently check and change your furnace filters to allow for sufficient airflow to the air conditioner’s coil.

What to Do If You Notice a Leak

In case you notice water leaking from your furnace, you should start by turning off the furnace to mitigate the situation. Based on the level of the leak, you can then check for simple issues such as a dirty filter. If this is not the issue, we recommend you contact us immediately. A specialist will be dispatched to your location to thoroughly inspect your furnace and determine the problem. It is advisable to avoid trying to fix the issue yourself as this could be dangerous.

Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. provides residents of Champaign and surrounding areas with reliable and trusted furnace services. Our highly trained technicians are also well versed with all cooling services. We offer HVAC sheet metal services as well. Contact us today with any questions you might have.

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