August 17, 2021
AC Systems in Champaign, IL

You should be careful when choosing an AC system since not every one will be perfect for your home. If you are not cautious when selecting a unit, you might end up with one that is not able to cool your space. You might also end up buying an AC system that requires a lot of energy, making your electricity bills go high.

To choose the best AC system, you first need to know the types of air conditioning systems that are available. You also need to know the kind of homes in which each air conditioning system should be placed. Below are more details on some of the available air conditioning systems and the kind of homes they will work in.

1. Central Air Conditioning Systems

A central AC is considered the most efficient and luxurious air conditioning system. It usually consists of two units: the condensing unit and the evaporative unit. The condensing unit should be placed outside your home, and the evaporative unit should be placed next to the furnace. These two units are connected using refrigerant tubing.

If your home is large, you should buy this type of air conditioning system. You should also buy this air conditioning system if you want an air conditioner that will cool several rooms simultaneously. However, you will need to have proper ductwork in your home to support a central AC.

2. Portable Air Conditioning Systems

A portable air conditioner is the most basic and common type of air conditioning unit. It is usually placed in a window. However, you can also install it in a hole made in one of the exterior walls in your home. Portable units designed to sit on your floor are available as well.

You should buy this kind of air conditioning unit if you live in a single-level home. You can also buy this air conditioner if you live in a rented house since you can easily move it to another location. However, if the rented house is big, you should buy a large portable air conditioner so that it has the capacity to properly cool the space. A portable air conditioner will be perfect for your home if you want a cost-effective cooling system. These units are energy efficient to operate and the cost of buying and maintaining them is typically low.

3. Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

A ductless air conditioning system is made up of a single condenser that can control up to four wall-mounted units. After installing them, an AC technician connects the condenser and the wall-mounted units using refrigerant tubing.

You should go for this type of air conditioning system if your home is old and does not have any ductwork. You can also have an AC technician install a ductless AC in your home if it has heating ducts that cannot be accessed. Ductless systems offer the added benefit of providing customized temperature control for various rooms. If you have family members who constantly disagree on the ideal temperature, these units can be a great solution for your cooling needs.

So Which Air Conditioner Should You Buy?

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your home is not easy. However, you can make it a bit easier by considering several factors when making a choice. These factors include your budget and your type of home. We can help you choose the best air conditioning system for your needs. Our team will consider your home’s size and layout and always keep your budget and personal preferences in mind when helping you decide on the perfect AC system for your space.

Who Are We?

Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is a company located in Champaign, IL. We offer AC services to the people living in this city and the surrounding areas. We always value the needs of our customers and work to treat you like family. In addition to cooling installation, repair, and maintenance, we offer a full range of heating services. Our team can even provide custom HVAC sheet metal fabrication services.

We have been in business since 1952, and our technicians are qualified and experienced. These technicians also know the types of air conditioning systems that are perfect for different homes. If you need any assistance choosing the best air conditioning system for your home, or you’re looking for other HVAC services, contact us today to set up an appointment.

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