March 15, 2023
HVA repair Champaign, IL

Think of your air conditioner as being similar to your car: to make sure it runs smoothly and reliably for many years to come, it needs some regular attention and care. Instead of oil changes and tire rotations, your AC needs an annual tune-up. This routine maintenance appointment will keep your cooling system effective, efficient, and reliable all summer long. At Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we’ve completed many AC maintenance jobs over the years for homeowners in Champaign, IL. One question we’re often asked is, “how often should I maintain my AC?” Here’s what you should know.

How Often Does Your AC Need Maintenance?

As a rule of thumb, you should have your AC maintained at least once a year. If your cooling unit is relatively young, still in good shape, and isn’t surrounded by dense foliage, an annual tune-up should more than suffice. Cooling maintenance gives our technicians a chance to clean and calibrate the unit, preparing for the intense summer heat to come. Throughout the season, you can also regularly check on the unit to ensure it’s relatively clean and unobstructed by debris. It’s common for weeds, lawn clippings, and even tree branches to make their way into the condenser unit during the active summer months.

Do You Really Need an AC Tune-up Every Year?

The short answer? Yes, absolutely! There are numerous benefits to having regular cooling service. A clean AC is able to run at peak efficiency; on the other hand, an unserviced AC loses efficiency each year it goes without maintenance. This means less energy consumption, lower utility bills, and reduced wear-and-tear on critical components. Routine maintenance can also save you from pricey repairs. During a tune-up, our technicians keep an eye out for any potential problems on the horizon. By catching these issues early, we have a chance to fix them when they’re still relatively minor. Taking early action on repairs saves you both money and peace of mind.

Skip Winter Maintenance

At first glance, winter may sound like the perfect time for AC maintenance since its cooling duties are done for the year. However, we recommend exercising patience and waiting until spring. This is because a good, comprehensive tune-up involves running the AC to assess what it’s like during operation. Unfortunately, running an AC during cold weather can actually damage the system. As your cooling unit runs, it removes humidity from your home, turns it into liquid, and releases it into a drain pan located below the condenser unit. Cold temperatures can freeze this natural condensation and cause components to expand and crack. To avoid damaging your AC, we recommend waiting for warmer temperatures before conducting maintenance.

Why Summer Isn’t Ideal Either

It’s natural to associate air conditioning with summertime, which is why many homeowners make the mistake of scheduling AC maintenance during this season. However, your AC should already be tuned up by the time you first turn it on for the season. And since late spring weather can be notoriously finicky in Champaign, we recommend playing it safe and scheduling maintenance well before summer begins. That way, your cooling system won’t be caught off guard in case the temperature decides to heat up in spring. Keep in mind that summer is also one of the busiest seasons for HVAC companies, which makes scheduling a little difficult during this time.

Need AC Maintenance in Champaign?

Now that we’ve answered the question, “how often does my AC need service,” you may have come to the conclusion that your AC is due for maintenance. If you’re looking for a dependable HVAC company in Champaign, you can trust the technicians at Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. Our team is well-versed in providing maintenance for all makes and models of air conditioners. And if we happen to uncover an issue during the tune-up, our team will troubleshoot the issue and find a long-lasting solution. We’re Champaign’s go-to source for trusted heating and cooling maintenance, replacements, installations, and repairs.

Get the most out of your cooling system with a professional AC tune-up by Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. We can provide you speedy, precise service at a very fair price. Call us today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll get your AC needs handled with haste.

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