December 19, 2022

Dark evenings, cool temperatures, and warm nights by the fire — winter is upon us. With the advent of winter, many homeowners fire up their furnaces in anticipation of more time inside, warm inside temps, and respite from the frigid weather outside.

Signs of a Failing Furnace

When your furnace is running well, winter is a breeze. You adjust the thermostat to your liking and settle in for cozy days and nights in your home. When your HVAC system is on its last legs, however, you may find yourself with the need for quick repairs before your home becomes downright cold and uncomfortable.

How do you know that it’s time to repair or replace your furnace? There are some clear signs and symptoms of a failing furnace; knowing what to look and listen for will give you plenty of time to make necessary repairs and installation before you find yourself out in the cold. These telltale signs should have you running for a professional HVAC technician to help you get up and running again.

Older System

Has your HVAC system passed its 15th birthday? According to statistics from the United States Department of Energy, a properly maintained furnace will last between 15-30 years before you need a complete replacement. The longevity of your unit will depend on its brand, quality, and overall maintenance and efficiency. Shortly after the fifteen-year mark, you’re likely to see a decrease in both efficiency and performance. Repairs will be more common, and you’ll have to decide at some point whether it will be more cost-effective to replace rather than to keep repairing your unit.

Your Energy Bills Are Skyrocketing

If your monthly energy bills have seen a significant spike lately, it may be a clear signal that your system is running less efficiently. Normal wear and tear cause components in your furnace to break down, and soon your furnace will have to work harder to perform the same functions it once did with ease.

Presence Of Dirt and Soot In Your Home

If dirt and soot are making their way onto tablecloths and lampshades, it will likely circulate through your furnace. A dirty furnace has to work significantly harder than one that has been regularly cleaned and maintained; Improve the life of your furnace by regular care and maintenance of your central unit, vents, and ductwork.

Cold Air

When the furnace blows out cold air, it means that there is something wrong with one of several components, including the pilot light, gas line, air filter or thermostat. If this problem continues to happen with an older furnace, consider replacing it.

Uneven Room Heating

If your kitchen is hot and your bedrooms are freezing, it’s a clear sign that your furnace is failing. Your system needs more power to circulate air through your home adequately. Consider having one of our HVAC professionals assess your system to determine if repair or replacement is necessary.

Excessive Noise

If you hear more clicks and whistles than your favorite jazz trio every time your furnace fires up, it’s time to consider a replacement. A well-maintained furnace should not make loud sounds apart from the typical start-up and wind-down indicators that your system is working. If you notice any sounds that are out of the ordinary, call in a professional to determine the cause of an issue and provide you with solutions for success.

Visible Cracks and Rust

If you’ve noticed your unit cracking and rusting around the edges, it’s time to replace your unit. Despite the best maintenance plan, your system will incur some wear and tear over time. Know when it’s time to swap your furnace for a newer, more efficient model.

Frequent Repairs

If the cost of your furnace repairs keeps steadily rising, consider replacing your old unit with one that won’t need nearly as much maintenance. Speak to one of our qualified HVAC technicians about options on new models that provide energy savings and heating efficiency.

We’ve Got You Covered!

Serving residents of Champaign and the surrounding areas, Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has all of your heating and cooling services covered for the coming year. Providing expert installation, repair, maintenance, and inspections for your HVAC unit, we seek to provide you with the best customer service and exceptional service quality that keeps you coming back for more. If you have concerns about the upcoming cold weather or you’re wondering if your furnace will last the season, we’ve got you covered! Contact Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today for more information.

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