July 19, 2021
Programmable Thermostat in Champaign, IL

You probably have noticed the various modes on your thermostat, but you might not know what they mean. With the state of technology evolving at a mind-blowing rate, there’s more than just an on-and-off switch to improve the atmosphere in your home. To catch up with the continuously growing needs, air conditioner manufacturers have constantly been updating the features of their products.

Essentially, this improves the efficiency of the air conditioners and improves their inner workings. We’re going to explain the various modes of thermostat operations and what they can do for your home. Once you know what each function does, you can better set the thermostat to meet your particular needs.

Thermostat Modes

Unless your home runs on an ancient air conditioning system with a simple on-and-off switch that works, your air conditioner probably has a thermostat. This is the device through which you can control and operate your air conditioner. Your thermostat runs on particular modes or settings that help the entire unit effectively heat or cool your home. The following are some of the primary modes that a thermostat runs on:

  • Dry mode
  • Cool mode
  • Heat mode
  • Auto mode
  • Eco mode

To better understand each of these modes, we’ll evaluate how your air conditioner works when the modes are selected.

1. Cool Mode

This is the most-used setting in many homes. When you choose the cold mode, your air conditioner turns on the compressor unit. The compressor unit is responsible for getting the hot air out and for bringing cool air into your house. Essentially, the cool mode runs for some time until the air conditioner’s temperature sensor detects optimum cooling. At this point, the compressor switches off, and the fan keeps running. This mode helps you save on your electricity bills.

2. Fan Mode

The fan mode switches on the AC’s internal fan. The rotation of the fan leads to air circulation that consequently balances the temperatures in the room. Using this mode, you get to save on your energy and ensure that your bills are low. These savings are primarily achieved without the use of the compressor, which consumes a lot of power.

3. Dry Mode

This setting is an excellent tool if you live in a humid region. Essentially, your air conditioner removes the humidity by turning the compressor on and off repeatedly. Additionally, the fan runs at very low speeds to keep the air circulation going. Typically, this process keeps going until the humidity sensors detect that the humidity levels are low. At this point, the compressor switches off, and the fan keeps running.

4. Heat Mode

If you live in a region where winter hits hard, then this mode is a great setting. In this mode, the airflow within your air conditioner reverses. This leads to the introduction of warm air into your home, which leads to increased temperatures. In addition, the cold air goes through the vents into the outdoor environment.

5. Auto Mode

In this mode, your thermostat is responsible for all the heavy lifting. Essentially, using a set temperature, the auto mode turns on the compressor and waits for the air conditioner to achieve optimal temperature. At this point, the compressor adjusts accordingly, and the fan speed reduces. Your air conditioner will adjust the temperatures of your home or living environment through a set of conditions. Upon reaching the expected temperatures, the compressor turns off, and the fan’s rotation speed adjusts.

6. Eco Mode

This may end up being your favorite mode. The Eco Mode is a feature on almost all modern air conditioners. This is the mode that you can use to minimize your energy bills. Typically, it uses the air conditioner’s fan and compressor efficiently to maintain your desired temperatures. The air conditioner achieves this by setting the desired temperatures a little above your selection. When it reaches the set temperatures, the compressor turns off, and the fan does the rest. Basically, in this mode, your air conditioner saves you from large electricity bills.

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