July 14, 2020

When you’re working in dusty conditions in Champaign, IL, it’s important to wear a mask to protect your nose, throat, and lungs. In the same way, your air conditioner needs its own “mask,” known as an air filter, to protect its sensitive internal components. Here are a few ways that an air filter helps your air conditioner perform at its best.

Protects the Condenser Coil

The condenser coil on your air conditioner is a crucial part of the cooling that takes place. This coil is responsible for removing heat from the air as it passes through and for removing humidity from the air to improve comfort. As effective as this component is, it can’t perform its job efficiently if it’s dusty. Dust on a condenser coil will cause moisture to stick to the metal tube instead of dripping down into the condensate drain. If enough dust is present, it will prevent your condenser coil from removing any humidity from the air, meaning the air in your home won’t be as comfortable.

However, with a quality air filter in place, very little dust will ever make it to the condenser coil. This means it will stay clean and can continue to do its job.

Protects the Blower

Another important component of both your air conditioner and the furnace is the blower fan. This drum-shaped fan has multiple blades that draw in unconditioned air to be sent through the air conditioner or furnace so that the temperature of the air can be altered. However, dust can cause this component to operate less efficiently, as well. Since the blades on the fan spin at high speeds, any dust that’s in the air has a tendency to stick to the blades. This may be so bad that the dust won’t come off when the blower stops.

Over time, this can lead to the blades collecting a thick layer of dust that can add weight to the blades. This can cause the blower motor to work too hard and can cause balancing issues that can make the blower quite noisy. Since the blower is one of the first components in the air conditioning chain, it’s vital to have a filter in place to protect it.

Protects the Ducts

Your air conditioner also relies on clean ducts to deliver cool air to all the rooms in your home. If the air is dusty and unfiltered, though, this job will be much harder than it would be otherwise. Since the ducts can become slightly moist due to condensation, any dust that’s in the air can accumulate at joints and in corners, leading to restricted airflow in the ducts.

If your air conditioner can’t deliver the full volume of air that it produces, this can lead to problems with overheating in the condenser. Plus, with less cool air reaching the rooms in your home, your air conditioner will need to work longer before your desired temperature is achieved. However, if you have an air filter in place, very little dust will make it to your ducts as long as they are properly sealed. This ensures you’ll have excellent airflow throughout your home and can enjoy lower energy bills as a bonus.

Keeps You Healthy

In addition to protecting your air conditioner, the air filter on your HVAC system helps to protect you and your family. By removing common allergens that are present in household dust, the air filter helps to reduce common respiratory ailments that can leave you reaching for the tissue box. Thus, an air filter is important enough that you should ensure it replaced on a regular schedule, typically once a month.

Let Us Take Care of You

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