November 19, 2020

The colder months provide many options for those who enjoy winter season activities. Cold weather, however, doesn’t make life comfortable for those hoping to stay warm. Thankfully, homes with fully functioning furnaces could make it seem like spring never departed. When the furnace doesn’t perform as desired, things could become decidedly uncomfortable.

Effectively preparing for the winter may keep homeowners in the comfort zone. Even the best furnace may require some assistance, so here’s a partial checklist of things to help you get the furnace and your home ready for the winter.

Change out the Air Filter

Sometimes, the most fundamental care steps end up getting missed. Don’t make that mistake when it comes to your furnace. Be sure the filter is ready for the coming heavy work in the winter. An old, dirty, clogged-up filter won’t be able to help much. If the filter becomes too clogged, expect a ripple effect of problems to arise. The system could even overheat, leading to severe damage. At the least, the filter won’t efficiently capture dust and dirt.

Clean and Inspect the Furnace

Cleaning the furnace might not be a top priority when winter becomes spring, as a homeowner might not fire the furnace up at all for several months. The dirt, dust, soot, and other impurities collected inside the furnace will remain unless someone cleans things out. Cleaning the furnace does become necessary since more and more dirt will end up inside the system when the furnace returns to use.

A thorough inspection of various parts won’t hurt, either. As the years go by, parts wear out from routine use. If a part requires replacing, doing so without delay seems advisable. Things might get worse with further use, and there are safety issues to consider. Allowing a technician to check the unit and make repair recommendations, if necessary, could prove wise.

Address Possible Drafts

A furnace works to meet the temperature set by the thermostat. When air escapes through drafts or imperfections in windows, doors, attics, and elsewhere, the furnace runs harder to meet the new demands. If hot air escapes the home, the furnace continues to run to add more. Expect greater strain on the furnace and much higher energy bills. By weatherstripping doors and windows and adding insulation to the attic, the drafts might become less of a problem or no problem at all.

Cleaning and Inspecting the Ducts

Without air ducts, the hot air can’t enter the home. Ducts act as the “tunnels” that the air travels after the fan blows air through them. Loose seals or other damage could lead to air escaping, which would create problems similar to drafts. Repairing and restoring ducts might address any troubles.

A thorough cleaning affords a chance to inspect the ducts. The cleaning also serves the primary purpose of removing dust and dirt, impurities that may circulate into the home if left untouched. An HVAC technician may also clean the vents if they appear caked with dirt.

Have you thought of requesting an energy audit? There may be other issues present that hamper efficiency.

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Take Steps to Determine Whether the Furnace Works

Wouldn’t the pre-winter inspection tell you if the furnace works? Yes, and you will get an answer when the inspection occurs. Regardless, make sure to check the heater to see if it works just as winter arrives, even if an inspection occurred earlier in the fall. You don’t want a surprise during the week that the temperature drops significantly.

Check Indoor Air Quality

An indoor air quality check could reveal if carbon monoxide leaks from the furnace. Installing a carbon monoxide detector seems beneficial, too. Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous and odorless gas, and its presence in the home presents severe risks. If there’s carbon monoxide in the home, immediate steps to address the hazard must take place.

Does the thermostat require batteries? Check them to see if they have enough life left. Think about installing a programmable thermostat, as well. A modern thermostat might present a tremendous improvement over an outdated one. Smart Thermostats allow for zoning, and the capability to make changes remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

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