October 20, 2020

Two-stage heating means the heating unit has more than one heating output level: low during the milder days and high during the cold winter days. It also has a low-power option. That’s why it’s able to maintain consistent comfort efficiently while using less energy.

In short, two-stage heating technology allows your system to adjust the heating output automatically. This way, you get consistent comfort throughout your home.

Read on to learn more about the two-stage heating system and why you might consider using it.

How a Two-Stage Heating System Works

Well, just as the name puts it, this system has more than one setting. It has a low-power mode, which sets it apart from the conventional ones that are simply on and off. Most heating units have the “on” and “off” settings.

That means it’s running at its full capacity or it’s off. Rather than completely switching off your unit, the two-stage heating system allows it to function at a lower energy level. Additionally, you won’t have to make different settings or adjustments.

However, the system can still decide whether it should be off or on the high setting. Just like any other heating or cooling unit, you’ll need to hook up your heating unit to a thermostat. You’ll then set the thermostat based on the specific temperatures inside your home.

When it’s cold, the unit will likely use the higher level while it will only use the low-power mode for mild days. It uses the high-power mode on freezing days before running in low mode to achieve a constant temperature.

Benefits of a Two-Stage Heating Unit

Most homeowners will often want to know if it’s worth using a two-stage heating system. This system comes with a lot of advantages and conveniences.

Here are a few of the benefits of having a two-stage heating unit.

1. Improved Indoor Air Quality

To begin with, it can significantly improve your indoor air quality. Your heater generally uses an air filter. It prevents dust and other particles from getting into your home. Two-stage heating makes better use of the filter.

When it’s on the low-power mode, it traps more dust particles. This is because it has longer heating cycles; hence it sends air through your unit’s filtration device more often. This leads to improved air quality since your home will have a consistent supply of filtered air.

2. Saves You Money

A two-stage unit’s low capacity uses less energy. Because you’ll be using the low setting more frequently, it consumes much less power. However, this depends on various factors, such as where you set your thermostat and how big your house is.

Generally, a low-power mode setting uses fewer resources. This means that you’ll be using less oil or gas to maintain the heat. Additionally, during the fall and spring, you won’t need heat that much. Therefore, your system will only use less power.

3. Increases the Lifespan of Your Unit

When you use a two-stage heating system, your unit will perform much less system cycling. This makes your heater work effectively without straining, thus minimizing breakdowns. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your system will have a longer working life.

4. Consistent Heating

A single-stage system will blast your home with the heat every time you turn it on. This leads to inconsistent spikes in your home’s temperature levels. On the other hand, a two-stage heating unit operates longer than the standard system. This allows it to provide consistent heating with much fewer temperature fluctuations.

5. Less Noisy

Since a two-stage heating system isn’t constantly turning on and off, it’s much quieter than the traditional furnace. Do you know the kick sound that furnaces produce when they start? You won’t get that nearly as much.

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