HVAC unitsWhen it comes to heating and air conditioning services, Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is a trusted HVAC company in Homer, IL. We have a rich history dating back to 1952.

    Over the years, we have been the go-to HVAC contractor choice for exceptional repair, installation, and maintenance services. As a locally owned and operated establishment, we proudly offer customized solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

    Our EPA and ENERGY STAR certifications testify to our dedication to your comfort and peace of mind. We are available around the clock to handle emergency repair services that can’t wait.

    Professional HVAC Contractor Repair Services

    Did you know your HVAC system can signal when something isn’t right? HVAC breakdowns often occur at the most inconvenient times.

    However, with the proper knowledge, you can detect these problems early and prevent a complete system breakdown. At the first sign of trouble, contact Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., a certified HVAC contractor in Homer. A malfunctioning system isn’t just a nuisance.

    It can also pose a risk to your loved ones and property. While you might think that delaying repairs saves money, it can lead to higher costs in the long run. Our skilled technicians have the necessary tools and expertise to restore normalcy.

    Some signs you require expert HVAC repair services in Homer include:
    • Noisy operation
    • Uneven temperatures
    • Short cycling
    • Unusually high energy bills
    • Poort indoor air quality

    Top-Notch HVAC Company in Homer

    After years of use, your HVAC system’s efficiency may decrease, which could make it necessary to replace it. Research indicates that most HVAC systems in Homer have an average lifespan of 15 to 25 years.

    Beyond 15 years of use, your system may require frequent repairs. Repairing your system could be cheaper than installing a furnace or AC. However, frequent repairs can add up quickly and sometimes exceed half the cost of a new HVAC system.

    On the other hand, a new system is less likely to break down, reducing your repair costs and energy bills. Before purchasing a new system, schedule an inspection with our technicians.

    Quality HVAC Installation Options

    We will evaluate the condition of your current system and recommend the best course of action. We will help you choose the most reliable system that fits your budget if a replacement is necessary.

    Expert Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Once installed, you might wonder how to prevent breakdowns and extend your HVAC system’s lifespan. One effective way is regular maintenance of your HVAC system.

    This includes changing your filters at least once every three months and scheduling professional maintenance twice a year. You might need to change your filters more frequently if you have pets.

    During preventive maintenance, our experts at Bash Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. will clean your system, lubricate moving parts, and tighten loose components.

    We will also inspect your system and address any potential issues before they become significant problems. All these measures can reduce strain on your system and enhance its longevity.

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